The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 888 - Believed in Boss Zheng

Chapter 888: Believed in Boss Zheng

“Let’s go.” Professor Yang glanced at the patient. He was awake from the anesthesia, but he was a little restless. He asked Chairman Dong to look after the patient, and he personally took the pathology specimen to explain to the patient’s family.

The sterile surgical gown was not taken off, and the gloves were not taken off either. In the eyes of the patient’s family, this set of clothes was a sign of prestige.

Lao He picked up a set of sterile gloves and put them on. He greeted his assistant and gestured for him to go. Then, he followed Professor Yang out.

“Old Yang, Boss Zheng’s surgery was really good,” Lao He said as he walked.

“He’s a little too careful,” Professor Yang said. “But he’s young and mature. It’s rare.”

“It’s probably the first time I’ve encountered such a gallbladder. It’s not a big mistake to be careful.” Although Lao He did not think so, he did not want to offend anyone. He made an ambiguous evaluation.

The two chatted and walked to the door of the operating theater.

Lao He opened the door and Professor Yang walked out.

He called for the patient’s family members. More than ten people came up and surrounded Professor Yang and Lao He.

“The surgery was successful. The gallbladder was cut off. It’s a rare porcelain gallbladder. Come and take a look, and the gallbladder will be sent to pathology,” Professor Yang said. “Look here.”

“Old Yang, wait a moment,” Lao He said. Then, he turned on Professor Yang’s phone and began to record.

The patient’s family was a little puzzled, but perhaps this was a normal procedure, so no one questioned it at this time.

After all, the surgery was successful, so what was there to be picky about?

After Lao He finished preparing, Professor Yang used the hemostatic forceps to gently press on the gallbladder. Originally, he wanted to make a sound when the calcified deposits collided with the metal hemostatic forceps.

However, something unexpected happened.

The gallbladder, which looked like perfect porcelain, cracked when it was lightly touched.

‘What was going on?’ Professor Yang was stunned.

If it was so fragile, why did the gallbladder not rupture when it was inside the patient’s body?

Was it because he was too strong? He did not use too much strength.

The family members of the patient were all dumbstruck. Was this porcelain from the kiln or was it a cut gallbladder…

“Porcelain gallbladders are like this. They’re especially fragile,” Professor Yang said casually, adapting to the situation. He did not let the atmosphere cool down, nor did he let people realize that he did not realize how fragile the gallbladder was.

“Look here.” Professor Yang used the hemostatic forceps to turn the gallbladder inside out, but with a little force, the entire gallbladder instantly shattered like an egg.

“…” Lao He was stunned.

“…” Professor Yang was stunned.

“…” The patient’s family members were also stunned.

What the hell was going on?!

Inside the gallbladder, an irregular object about 4cm in diameter that was covered in calcium appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Then, there was a pile of blue gallstones. Digestive fluid filled with sand-like stones flowed in the pathological basin, and a strange smell spread in all directions.

However, this pile of blue solid looked a little scary.

Based on Professor Yang’s experience, an irregular object was undoubtedly a tumor in the gallbladder.

He was stunned for a few seconds, and his mind recalled Zheng Ren’s careful actions during the surgery.

It turned out that the gallbladder was so fragile that it would break at the touch.

No wonder Boss Zheng gave him a call to tell him not to do anything and to wait for him to come.

At this moment, all the unreasonable phenomena during the surgery had been properly explained.

So that was the reason.

This thought echoed in the minds of Professor Yang and Lao He.

After a short ten seconds of silence, Professor Yang continued, “This is the malignant tumor inside the gallbladder. During the surgery, because the gallbladder wall has calcium deposits, forming the porcelain gallbladder, the tumor has not spread for the time being.

“To be specific, we have to wait for the pathology to come back. The few groups of lymph nodes that have been cut off look fine from the outside.”

“Are there any other problems?”

Professor Yang used the hemostatic forceps to knock on the edge of the pathology basin, making a clear sound.

It was like a teacher knocking on a blackboard.

The patient’s family members were all silent. This type of gallbladder was beyond their imagination.

Was It really a gallbladder?

However, at the entrance of the operating theater, facing Professor Yang, who was wearing a sterile surgical gown with blood stains on his gloves, no one questioned him.

Other than a few people who had ulterior motives, the vast majority of people would still give doctors a high degree of respect.

“The patient will be sent out later. Wait here.” Seeing that the family members had no objections, Professor Yang left and returned to the operating theater with Lao He.

His back was cold. The more Professor Yang thought about it, the more afraid he became. He simply did not dare to think about it anymore.

“Old Yang, this surgery…” Lao He said faintly behind him.

But halfway through his words, he was stuck.

Lao He racked his brain, but he could not find an adjective to describe Zheng Ren’s level.

Too awesome?

How could the surgery that had just ended be described as awesome?!

Professor Yang remained silent. He was still immersed in the lingering fear.

His choice was not wrong. He chose to believe in Boss Zheng. Looking back, he was simply too wise.

If he had performed the surgery before Boss Zheng arrived and the gallbladder had ruptured, forget the patient’s condition after the surgery, the surgery definitely could not be described as perfect as it was now.

His stomach was leaking bile. Even if he was able to leave the stage alive, there was a certain probability that the patient would die during the perioperative period. Even if he was able to leave the hospital alive, the metastasis of the tumor would be another door to hell.

Putting the pathology basin back, Professor Yang was still in shock.

“Let’s go and have a cigarette,” Lao He asked.

Professor Yang nodded. The two of them went to the duty room, and Lao He opened the window.

The night wind blew in, and it was a little cold. Their faces were blown by the wind, and their minds became much clearer.

After lighting two cigarettes, Lao He took a puff. Looking at Professor Yang’s expression, he knew that he was still scared, so he smiled and said, “Old Yang, your luck is really good.”

Professor Yang nodded. It was indeed so.

“I’ve been anesthetizing for more than 20 years, and I’ve seen at least 800 gallbladders cut off. This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of gallbladder.”

“Yeah, porcelain gallbladders. I’ve cut off more than a dozen cases, but I’ve never seen such a gallbladder.” Professor Yang took a puff of his cigarette and stood at the window, looking at the lights in the city.

“It’s best if nothing happens. By the way, Boss Zheng doesn’t look old, but his skills are really awesome!” As Lao He spoke, he thought of something and said, “Old Yang, send me a video of the surgery.”

“Let’s go back. It’s such a big video, and the mobile phone will have to be shut down.”

“You’re so stingy,” Lao He reprimanded. “As a great professor, do you care about the traffic?”

“The hospital is strict, and now even cigarettes are not allowed.” Yang Lei chuckled. There was nothing to be embarrassed about.

He took two deep puffs and threw the cigarette butt into a mineral water bottle. He hurriedly said, “I’m going back.”

“What’s the rush?”

“Going back to watch the video.” As he said that, Professor Yang had already left the duty room. He hurriedly changed his clothes and prepared to go down to take a look at the patient. Then, he would find a quiet place to properly see how Boss Zheng had cut off the gallbladder.

Professor Yang did not know how to completely remove the crispness. He saw it with his own eyes but still did not believe it.

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