The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 636 - A Gentleman Uses his Words and Not His Fists

Chapter 636: A Gentleman Uses his Words and Not His Fists

After agreeing to a meeting time with Cui Tong’s big brother, Xia Xibei sent her out of the room.

Just as Cui Tong left, Xia Xibei’s phone rang.

“What happened today?”

It was Qiao Yanjue, a bit of suppressed anger and undisguised worry in his voice.

“How did you know?” Xia Xibei blurted out.

“Something really happened?” Qiao Yanjue’s voice got even colder. “I’m coming over now.”

“Don’t!” Xia Xibei hurriedly shouted. “Don’t come over, I’ll come to you!”

Qiao Yanjue took a deep breath, “Okay, I’ll wait for you outside.”

Xia Xibei hurriedly put on a disguise, then carefully slipped out.

When she got out of the hotel, there were indeed reporters waiting outside.

She casually walked out with a mask on her face.

The reporters glanced her way, saw a plain-looking girl, didn’t think anything of it, and kept talking.

Xia Xibei calmly walked out. When she was on the street and saw the familiar car, she immediately ran over.

She pulled open the door and got in.

When Qiao Yanjue in the car saw an unfamiliar face, he almost did something.

Luckily he reacted in time.

He remembered the mask he had seen on Nie Zehai’s face before.

After getting into the car, Xia Xibei urged him, “Drive! There are reporters outside.”

Her popularity was quite high now. If she was caught on camera dating a man, it would be a problem, even with the mask on her face.

Qiao Yanjue nodded and the car started.

He stopped only after reaching the restaurant.

The two went into the private room before Xia Xibei took the mask off.

This mask was different from the one sold to Nie Zehai, an upgraded version that could be reused.

She took off the mask to reveal her original pretty looks before Qiao Yanjue stepped forward and looked her up and down, frowning.

“Why didn’t you tell me about what happened today?”

If he hadn’t learned the details from Pan Yan, he would have been kept in the dark!

Xia Xibei laughed, “It’s not like it’s a big deal.”

“No big deal?!” Qiao Yanjue was furious. “You almost had an accident!”

His hands and feet went cold when he thought about what Pan Yan had said.

If Xia Xibei was bitten by a crocodile, what could have been done to help her?

“See, nothing happened!” Xia Xibei smiled.

“Don’t give me that look!” Qiao Yanjue was furious, pinching her cheek. “Do you think this is a trivial matter?”

He was so anxious, and she was still so calm!

Looking at Xia Xibei’s indifferent look, he spitefully rubbed her cheeks like dough and squeezed her mouth into a small bow.

“Ow, ow, ow! It hurts!” Xia Xibei hurriedly cried out in pain, reaching out to grab his hand.

Being grabbed by her hand, Qiao Yanjue immediately withdrew his hand as if he had been scalded.

Xia Xibei didn’t notice that something was wrong with him, just rubbing her face pitifully.

“Gentlemen use their words and not their fists. Ow, it hurts so much…”

Qiao Yanjue grunted, “Stop acting, I didn’t use any force. Even if I did, how does it compare to what happened today?”

Hearing his annoyance, Xia Xibei hemmed and giggled, grabbing his hand and shaking it.

“Aiya, I really don’t think it’s a big deal!”

Looking at her rare coquettishness and feeling the warmth of her hands, the anger in Qiao Yanjue dissipated a lot, but he still kept a cold face.

“Then what is a big deal? Getting eaten by a crocodile?”

“Don’t worry, the crocodile won’t eat me!”

“Humph!” Qiao Yanjue replied with a cold snort.

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