Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 990 - Chance Encounter, and Never Started

Chapter 990: Chance Encounter, and Never Started

Situation permitting, anyone who went to New York would definitely visit Times Square.

Elena had been in New York for a while. Of course she had been here.

However, a place like this could take an hour or two, or even three to five days, to explore.

Luke and Elena weren’t really sightseeing, either. They simply snuggled against each other as they walked casually down the snow-covered streets.

Most of the people around them were in a hurry.

Some were bundled up, some were dressed simply, some were holding cameras, and some were holding Titanium phones.

Some were passers-by, some were office workers, and some were idle people like Luke and Selina. They moved through the streets at their own pace in mutual, comfortable silence.

After strolling around for a while, they lined up outside Shake Shack.

Elena had never eaten the burgers here before, because she was too busy seeking out art in New York to waste her time on food.

For her, cheap and fast food was enough, even if it tasted much worse.

Of course, being with Luke today wasn’t a waste of time.

Luke and Selina chatted as they slowly moved forward with the queue.

Although it was already Christmas Eve and snow was drifting down, there was still a long line, and even more people than usual.

However, if they wanted to eat at this place, they had to be prepared to line up, and nobody complained.

But Luke also noticed that a lot of people weren’t bored in the queue.

Many were fiddling with their phones as they subconsciously followed the people in front of them, but their attention was mostly on their phones.

All of them were using Titanium phones.

They only had two things to kill time with: an F2F and a mini-game on the Titanium phone.

As one of the most packed shops in Times Square, Shake Shack was already ahead of most of the other shops, and offered free wifi.

After all, other stores didn’t have to deal with queues every day. Offering free wifi could reduce the complaints of an ever increasing number of Titanium phone users.

Here, women could flip through the F2F or upload selfies, and half an hour would have passed before they knew it.

It was even more so for the guys, who could play the game, and in the blink of an eye, it would be their turn to order.

Elena also took out her Titanium phone for a selfie.

Luke wasn’t in the shot, which was something he and Elena had agreed on long ago.

She was just an ordinary girl. If his enemies found her, it would be dangerous if they used her to get revenge.

Getting beat up would be getting off easy; she could still be shot in the head.

Among the people who had been arrested by Luke, there were countless criminals and their relatives who had dared to attack him, and also 30 to 50 who had dared to shoot him.

Elena could only have him resume his old job as a human selfie stick.

With her professional composition and color mix, these photos which were taken with just a phone camera became works of art.

Given the lack of an artistic bone in Luke’s body, he felt that they were on par with the artistic computer screensavers he had seen in his previous life.

Also, women could filter their photos to make their round faces oval, but Elena’s actual face wasn’t any less beautiful. Luke didn’t have to worry that he was looking at a photo of an auntie.

Suddenly, two people walked over from behind to stand next to them. One of them asked in surprise, “Luke?”

Luke turned around and smiled. “Hello, Nikki. And you too, Monica. What a coincidence.”

The tall and fair Nikki nodded as she observed Luke and Elena. She couldn’t help but ask, “Is this your girlfriend?”

Luke nodded naturally. “Yes, her name is Elena.”

The three girls greeted each other politely but didn’t say anything else.

Luke asked, “Where are you going?”

Nikki didn’t say anything, and Monica replied with a smile, “Lunch. We just didn’t expect to see you here again.”

Luke was amused. “You just came?”

The two girls nodded.

Luke said, “What do you want to eat? My treat.”

The two girls immediately said there was no need.

Luke said with a smile, “You queued up for me last time and forgot to buy your own lunch. Let me treat you this time.”

Looking at his refreshing and gentle smile, the two girls couldn’t refuse.

Then, the four of them started chatting.

Over the past year, Luke had learned a lot about making small talk with people.

Elena wasn’t familiar with the two girls, and Luke had no intention of divulging personal information. He just told funny anecdotes.

Some sounded a little dirty, but it wasn’t meant to be innuendo, and was just for fun.

It made the three girls relax and laugh non-stop.

When it was their turn to order, the four of them quickly found seats and sat down.

The good thing about Christmas was that fewer people would eat out, and most who did would leave in a hurry after eating.

Even so, the restaurant was still bustling.

The four of them crowded around a small table and continued chatting.

Compared with earlier, they had food and dessert, and didn’t have to enjoy the cold weather outside.

They ate happily for almost an hour before they left.

They said goodbye at the door and went their separate ways.

Luke and Elena chatted and laughed as they walked to the parking lot.

Nicki and Monica, the best friends, stopped after walking a short distance.

More specifically, when Nikki stopped and turned around, Monica naturally followed suit.

Monica followed Nikki’s line of sight and couldn’t help but sigh. “You really have good taste. Even if he doesn’t like my type, and even brought his girlfriend out today, I have to admit that it’s very easy to get along with him.”

Nikki nodded subconsciously. “Yes.”

Monica turned her head and looked at Nikki, who looked a little disappointed. “But it seems that he prefers petite and plump girls like Elena. She’s also a college student who’s majoring in art. She definitely isn’t like us who do barbaric sports.”

Nikki smiled bitterly. “Can’t you say something nice?”

Monica shrugged. “I can only say it’s a good thing you never started. That way, you don’t have to be sad.”

Nikki’s slight gloom was shattered, like snowflakes being scattered. “How kind of you to say that. In the future, I’ll use that to comfort nerds who can’t get a girlfriend.”

Monica said, “Do you want them to give up in despair and become shut-ins forever?”

Nikki said, “Before they self-implode, I’ll tell them that you’re the one who said those words.”

Monica: “…”

At that moment, Luke and Elena finally disappeared into the crowd.

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