Real Empress from a Noble Family

Chapter 359 - Failed to Use Others and Lost Their Face.

Chapter 359 Failed to Use Others and Lost Their Face.

Jiang Yayue and Jiang Yaqing were transferred to the Western Army. The first branch and the third branch urgently wanted to support their sons to make a good career. They hoped that their sons could dominate the Western Army.

This happened during the former emperor’s reign.

In the backyard, the two goddaughters renamed Jiang You and Jiang Ya were crying ferociously.

Originally, they came to the Jiang Family to win over Qiu Jinglan. At the beginning of the year, Qiu Jinglan had delayed it for a year on the pretext of filial piety. By the end of the year, they didn’t mention it. So, they were anxious.

Now, as soon as the situation changed, the first and the third branch had their sons seize the power in the Western Army. Naturally, they didn’t want to be a meaningless father-in-law for Qiu Jinglan. So where would the goddaughters go?

Concerning the future, they summoned up the courage to hint, but both Madame Dou and Madame He pretended not to understand and only comforted, “Just live well in this family. We will plan for you.”

It was impossible! Jiang Tianao and Jiang Tianqi were all thinking about helping their sons now. How could they manage their goddaughters? Madame Dou and Madame He were not sure whether their husbands would need them yet. Of course, they didn’t dare to give promises.

Jiang You and Jiang Ya were not fools. Their godmothers spoke well, but when they inquired, no one mentioned their marriages. They knew that those words were lies. However, their families were threatened by the Jiang Family. They dared to be angry but not to speak. They had to cry secretly and silently figure out how to survive.

In the backyard, An Zhenshang was crying bitterly because of this series of things. She had been a lover as a daughter from a rich family for so many years. It was hard for her to conceive twins, but the first wife died in childbirth. She thought she could be the wife now after all the suffering.

As a result, she didn’t become the step-wife and entered the door as a concubine. Now Jiang Yadan accompanied her sister to Shazhou to find his brother-in-law. The new lady of the house hadn’t entered the door yet. Madame Zhuang was far away in Beijiang. Madame Tao wished her bad luck. All the concubines ganged up against her. Even if An Zhenshang had a lot of means, she was out-numbered. She was bullied badly.

“Young lady, next time they make trouble again, you can yell for a stomachache.” The confidant maid gave her advice, “And then I will go to find Madame. Even if she doesn’t like you, it’s impossible not to take your pregnancy seriously.”

An Zhenshang shook her head as she wiped her tears. She said, “You are so stupid! Do you think Madame values my pregnancy very much? She can’t wait for the three of us to have an accident as soon as possible! If you tell her about my stomachache, she will say it is my fault. Who won’t listen to her in this yard? At that time, everyone will say that I am making troubles. Maybe I’ll be gone one day! When my husband comes back, he will think I die because I am unlucky.”

She clenched her teeth and said, “So no matter how noisy they are, I can’t say I’m sick. Instead, I have to go out and walk often, telling everyone that I’m in good health and my children are good! Only in this way, in case something happens, they can’t shirk their responsibility. On the contrary, they will have scruples and dare not go too far!”

The maid felt wronged for her, “You were so favored at home! Even in the farm outside Jing City, no one dared to annoy you these years. Unexpectedly, now that you have got married, these people…”

“It’s mainly because my husband is not here!” An Zhenshang sneered and said, “Let’s bear it now. When he comes back, let’s see how I clean up all the things in the yard!”

Thinking of this, she suddenly narrowed her eyes and said, “Yesterday, that Zhang b*tch gave birth to Jiang Huiwan. It seemed that she said something about the Madame Tao Junior’s son?”

The maid thought and said, “Exactly! In the yard, the little b*tch quarreled with Jiang Jingheng, who was born of Cao, and said, ‘you are just the son of a concubine. Even if you are a male heir, you are not nobler than me. Don’t pretend to be delicate and serious! Everyone knows where you come from. The noble one is now raised by Jiang Yashuang and Qiu Yelan’.”

In the eyes of An Zhenshang and her maid, these words were obviously taught by adults and deliberately pointed out to them.

Outwardly she scolded Jiang Jingheng. But what she really meant was the two children of An Zhenshang.

So, the maid felt very angry when she mentioned it here, “Such a little old girl is so vicious. She will harm people when she grows up. Madame Tao Junior is the lady of the house, but didn’t she teach her any rules?”

An Zhenshang snorted, “Take some bags tomorrow to find the maids of Qiu Yelan and tell them Jiang Huiwan’s words.”

The maid was surprised and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Madame Tao Junior’s son is only fostered by Qiu Yelan, not adopted. His brothers and sisters are still other children of my husband.” An Zhenshang said slowly, “Jiang Huiwan was taught by others obviously. The intention is to stimulate me, but they also make trouble among brothers and sisters of their generation. The Jiang Family attaches more importance to the trueborn, but they don’t want hatred between the trueborn and the son of a concubine. ”

Moreover, “Qiu Yelan is not the birth mother. She should be more careful when raising children, so as not to be discussed that she is not dedicated enough! So, as long as she knows the news, she can’t ignore it!”

Here it was necessary to talk about An Zhenshang’s understanding of Qiu Yelan. Because She was new in the Jiang Family and Madame Tao obviously hated her, people in the Jiang Family were very hostile to her and so naturally she couldn’t find out much news. Therefore, the speculation about Qiu Yelan’s temperament was based on hearsay before.

After all, it was impossible for Jiang Yadan to talk about his sister-in-law with his lover. An Zhenshang didn’t know other people who got in touch with Qiu Yelan. She could only start with the news in the public.

And then she came to the conclusion that Qiu Yelan was violent and arrogant. She beat her cousin when she got married. She was favoured because she didn’t get punished. She was afraid of people’s comments. In those days, she took the initiative to hook up with Jiang Yashuang without the order of his parents and the words of a matchmaker. But when she was engaged, Jiang Yashuang brought the curse to himself. She didn’t like Madame Zhang, Cao, and others. These two didn’t speak very well when they mentioned Qiu Yelan. It seemed that they had suffered a loss in her hand.

So, An Zhenshang felt that Qiu Yelan was born to be used by her.

Not to mention An Zhenshang’s wishful thinking, Qiu Yelan listened to Chen Shui’s message and looked at the purse filled with silver as Chen Shui handed it over. She asked Chen Shui to take the purse and buy some makeup. She immediately got up and went to Madame Tao to explain the matter and express her idea of asking.

But Madame Tao asked, “Do you need me to punish them?”

Qiu Yelan smiled and said, “It’s just the words of a maid. It may not be accurate! And the maid has only been in our house for a few days. She has learned to make trouble. It can be seen that she is bad. I think it’s better to call Huiwan and Jingheng to ask if it’s true and then make a decision! These two children are too young. They can’t lie!”

Madame Tao gave her a meaningful look, “Let’s do it. Send someone to call them. I’m old. Your people are good at calling people.”

“I have troubled you, grandmother. How dare I use your people?” Qiu Yelan looked at Chunran and Xiaran. They naturally understood.

In the backyard of Jiang Yadan, Xiaran went to find An Zhenshang and her maid as Chunran found Zhang and Cao, the biological mothers of the two children, and intimidated them, “Madame was very angry when she heard that someone had instigated the friendship between the grandson and the granddaughter! She even said that these people should be dead. She shouted for someone to drag them out and kill them. When Jiang Yadan comes back, Madame will say it in person!”

Zhang and Cao were skeptical, but concubines were like goods these days. They were not fond of Jiang Yadan as before, but they had a foothold by relying on their children. Madame dared to kill them with her own identity. So, they’d rather believe it than not. They begged Chunran for help and said, “No. How dare we make trouble for them? We live peacefully all the time. We are wronged!”

When Chunran saw that she had frightened them, she said, “You are lucky. My madame thought that a maid who was in the Jiang Family only for a few days might not be credible! So, she persuaded Madame and begged her for a while, and then Madame agreed to let you take your children to tell Madame the truth.”

Zhang and Cao thanked Chunran. Chunran kindly promised to give them some time to “change their clothes” for their children. The two concubines were not fools and they told their children what to say when changing clothes.

So, Jiang Jingheng and Jiang Huiwan went to Madame Tao and greeted timidly. They didn’t admit what they had said before. The articulate Jiang Huiwan also cried and said, “We all know that Jiang Yaheng is raised by uncle Jiang Yashuang and aunt Qiu Yelan. We hope he can grow up and play together! How could we say something bad with him? He is our own brother and the only trueborn. We miss him!”

Madame Tao asked An Zhenshang and her maid with a gloomy face, “What do you say?”

Zhang and Cao understood Madame’s intention. How couldn’t they catch this opportunity? At that moment, they cried, saying that An Zhenshang slandered them. She thought that Jiang Yadan’s other children were in her way and so she asked the maid to do this. The most annoying thing was that they said together, “Fortunately, the fourteenth grandson is raised by Jiang Yashuang and Qiu Yelan, otherwise, An Zhenshang would hate him more.”

Seeing this, An Zhenshang knew that she harmed herself.

Qiu Yelan was not willing to be used, but harmed her severely.

An Zhenshang was a decisive person. Seeing that she couldn’t get rid of the provocative charges, she simply turned around, slapped the maid on the face, and scolded fiercely, “How dare you do such a thing?”

With one word, she shifted the responsibility to her confidant maid.

Her maid was loyal. Although her face was beaten pale and her tears came down immediately, she insisted that it was her own idea regardless of Madame Tao’s questioning. Even the purse was taken care of by her when An Zhenshang was pregnant and she took the opportunity to take it.

Finally, Madame Tao was impatient, “We can’t keep people like this who make trouble only a few days after entering the door… What do you think, An Zhenshang?”

Speaking of it, Qiu Yelan thought An Zhenshang was indifferent. The confidant maid, who grew up with her, stared at her, but she could even salute Madame Tao calmly and said, “Obey your orders!”

“Then drag her out and kill her!” Madame Tao said indifferently.

The maid was paralyzed on the ground, “Miss…”

“Ridiculous! When I entered the Jiang Family, I was no longer your young lady.” Without Mom Hu’s reprimand, An Zhenshang’s eyes flashed fiercely and scolded, “I’ve told you many times, you should call me mistress An, but you don’t listen to me. You should do such a thing this time! If Madame and Qiu Yelan hadn’t made a clear observation, wouldn’t you have wronged the children? And you have hurt the relationship between the fourteenth grandson and his brothers and sisters! I have misjudged you! ”

She said with a sigh, “You served me. I’ll send someone to take care of your parents and brothers…”

The confidant maid understood and gave her a kowtow with a tragic smile, “Thank you, mistress An. It’s natural that I should get punished after I did such things. I don’t hate anyone!”

Without waiting for others to react, the maid turned around and bumped into the column. The blood splashed on An Zhenshang not far away!

Qiu Yelan lowered her head and looked at some blood stains on her sleeve. The color she was wearing today was light and the blood was very eye-catching. She said coldly, “Mistress An, you are pregnant. Are you OK?”

An Zhenshang’s voice seemed to change a little, but it was generally stable. She said, “Thank you for asking. I failed to manage my maid and I’m sorry to cause trouble for you.”

She continued, “Your clothes…”

“Clothes are not worth a lot of money. Just dump them!” Qiu Yelan looked at the maid who fell in a pool of blood and said faintly, “You’d better worry about grandma’s floor.”

Madame Tao lowered her eyes to hide the intention to kill An Zhenshang in her eyes. How could she rest assured without killing such a decisive and indifferent woman?

“Someone will clean up here. Zhang and Cao, you two send An back to settle down and be careful of the children in her belly!” Madame said coldly, “That’s the blood of the Jiang Family!”

If Chaohai hadn’t valued the blood of the Jiang Family, she would now…

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