Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 2718 - Six People

Chapter 2718: Six People

“Alliance Master Su Han, allow me to make an introduction. These two are Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen and Long Xianzi. Both of them are unaffiliated experts,” introduced the Devilish Wind King.

“Greetings to the both of you.” Jian Wushuang also greeted both of them modestly.

Although he had never heard of their names, they should be strong as both were High-level Grand Ultimate Gods.

“Alliance Master Su Han, it’s an honor to finally meet you.” The purple-clad beautiful lady called Long Xianzi smiled softly.

Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen—the rough-looking burly man—only glanced at Jian Wushuang coldly.

“There are two others who should be here soon,” said the Devilish Wind King.

Soon, the other two arrived one after the other.

One of them was only a Primary-level Grand Ultimate God poise young man. However, he possessed a strong aura. Jian Wushuang learned his name was Yi Shen under the Devilish Wind King’s introduction who was from a first-rated force.

The last person…was a tough and stockily built bald elder who emitted a berserk aura.

The bald elder’s appearance caused a scary aura to come compressing towards them.

His aura was extremely strong. It was much stronger compared to the others there including Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen and Long Xianzi.

He was known as Saber Master and came from…Crimson Stone Fort.

‘Crimson Stone Fort’s Saber Master? He’s also one of the six?’ Jian Wushuang narrowed his eyes when he learned about the bald elder’s identity.

He knew of the Saber Master from previously reading information about some experts from Crimson Stone Fort in detail.

There were seven factions in the Crimson Stone Fort and apart from three of the stronger factions, there were four smaller factions. All those four smaller factions were not weak and had two to three Grand Ultimate Gods overseeing them with Saber Master being one of the smaller factions’ rulers.

Jian Wushuang had once read the Saber Master’s information in detail.

‘His cultivation is that of a High-level Grand Ultimate God and is extremely strong with his berserk saber skills. He’s capable of being in the top three positions among High-level Grand Ultimate Gods in the Danyang Continent!’ There were only a handful of Peak Grand Ultimate Gods among the top forces and unaffiliated experts in the Danyang Continent after all. Putting these Peak Grand Ultimate Gods aside, the strongest experts were the High-level Grand Ultimate Gods.

Saber Master was capable of being in the top three positions among High-level Grand Ultimate Gods only meant he was capable of being placed in the top ten positions in the entire Danyang Continent.

He was a true expert.

He was much stronger compared to Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen and Long Xianzi who were also High-level Grand Ultimate Gods.

Saber Master looked at everybody present once he arrived with his gaze finally stopping on Jian Wushuang. “You’re Su Han?”

“Yes. Greetings to you, Saber Master.” Jian Wushuang modestly presented himself.

“I’ve heard about you. Your Sword Alliance has recently developed very speedily and can be considered quite strong among first-rated forces in the Danyang Continent. However, you seemed to be just a Peak Heaven Ultimate God the last time I heard about you. Who knew you’ll make a breakthrough to the Grand Ultimate God realm after thirty years. Your improvement rate is really great,” said Saber Master.

The people surrounding them also looked at Jian Wushuang.

They noticed Jian Wushuang’s divine power had elevated, hence they no longer dare to look down on him.

Jian Wushuang was the publicly recognized exceptional genius in the Danyang Continent who managed to even kill Fo Yi when he was still in the Peak Heaven Ultimate God realm after all. He must have grown even more powerful with him making a breakthrough. There was even a possibility he might not be weaker when compared to a High-level Grand Ultimate God.

“Alright, let’s go now that everybody is here,” said Saber Master.

The group of six immediately started their journey.

Jian Wushuang had no idea the exact location of the secret realm so he could only follow those five Grand Ultimate Gods leading the way in front of him.

During the journey, the Devilish Wind King glanced at Jian Wushuang and secretly sent him a message. “Alliance Master Su Han, we’ll arrive at the secret realm’s entrance shortly. Before that, there’s something that I’d like to discuss with you.”

“What is it?” Jian Wushuang was slightly puzzled.

What was it that he could not speak directly and had to secretly send messages?

“You’ve seen the strength of all six experts who know about the secret realm’s location and preparing to venture inside of it are hugely different. Some are strong while others are weak. For example, Saber Master is one of the publicly recognized top experts in the Danyang Continent because of his extremely strong combat power. He alone is capable of fighting against two or perhaps even three High-level Grand Ultimate Gods at the same time. He’d win without a doubt if faced against a Primary-level Grand Ultimate God!” Devilish Wind King said.

Jian Wushuang did not question that statement.

It was true that Saber Master had the power to easily sweep away Primary-level Grand Ultimate Gods.

“All of us have to be careful of Saber Master because he’s too strong. After all, snatching for opportunities and precious items in the secret realm relies a lot on one’s strength and there isn’t any fairness during the process. He has a huge chance of winning if there really is a fight over precious items. Even if the precious items landed in our hands instead of his, he can still force us to hand it over with his powerful strength!” Devilish Wind King exclaimed.

Jian Wushuang was not surprised when he heard that.

The fight for precious items had always relied on a person’s strength.

Apart from that, fighting and killing over precious items was also a norm.

Although the six of them traveled and seemed to be working together as they wandered in the secret realm. However, the six of them would start fighting if they really encountered some wonderful opportunities or precious items.

“He’s not the only one as there’s also Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen and Long Xianzi. All three of them are very much stronger High-level Grand Ultimate Gods compared to us. You, me, and Yi Shen are only Primary-level Grand Ultimate Gods and will be at a disadvantage when wandering the secret realm.

“You might be in a better position as you can still defend yourself against Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen and Long Xianzi. However, both I and Yi Shen aren’t capable of that, hence we’ve agreed to work together during this journey in the secret realm. We shall advance and retreat together while dividing any precious items or opportunities we obtained equally.

“I’m sending you a message now with hopes that you’ll join us. If the three of us work together, we don’t need to be afraid of Grand Ultimate God Hong Chen and Long Xianzi. How does that sound? Do you want to join us?” The Devilish Wind King seriously asked and looked at Jian Wushuang with a hint of expectation in his eyes.

Jian Wushuang was quiet for some time before directly nodding. “Sure.”

“That’s great! Although the three of us are only Primary-level Grand Ultimate Gods, the three of them—Saber Master, Hong Chen, and Long Xianzi—won’t dare to be too forceful towards us if we work together.” Devilish Wind King smiled while Yi Shen also looked over at them.

It looked as though the three of them had achieved a mutual understanding.

However, each of them had his hidden motives.

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