Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 2727 - The Rules of Swinging

Chapter 2727: The Rules of Swinging

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When Li Yao’s soul returned to his shell at the bottom of the Gold Crystal Pyramid, he never felt more exhausted as if he just surfaced in an ocean from ten thousand meters deep.

The mental devil was right. Repairing someone else’s brain remotely and repairing his own brain was completely different.

It was like the difference between heaving an object that weighed a kilogram and heaving an object of the same weight a thousand kilometers away through remote manipulation.

Li Yao hadn’t entirely fixed Fang Gang 123’s brain yet. The man had been through so many surgeries since childhood that his brain palace was shaking vulnerably, and Li Yao had to dedicate a hundred times more attention and spiritual energy to the recovery.

But it was a good start anyway.

At least, toward the end of the recovery, when Fang Gang 123 heard a jolly song, ripples of delight spread out of his soul, like the purest smile of a child.

For Li Yao, such a smile was enough to offset all his pain and fatigue..

Xiaoming and Wenwen had been monitoring Li Yao closely and recording the data of Li Yao’s soul movements, partly to ensure Li Yao’s safety and health and partly to simulate Li Yao’s control and treatment with crystal processors. Their ultimate purpose was to establish an array of super crystal processors that could wake all the sunspots in the Covenant Alliance in Li Yao’s replacement.

Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for Li Yao to save a lot of people if he were to wake them up one by one on his own.

“Dad, you have to take a rest.”

Xiaoming cut off Li Yao’s connection to the brainwave magnifier before he released spiritual waves of special frequencies with artificial limbs to help Li Yao massage his head and fix his soul. “Your soul has been away for six hours, and your brain is as terrible as if you’ve fought the most intense battle for six hours. Your soul might disperse if it stays outside for one more second!”

“Yes, take a good rest. You need to sleep deeply for another three hours before you continue the delicate surgery.”

Wenwen also said, “It’s both for your own good and for the sunspot’s sake. You wouldn’t want to connect his nerves or veins wrongly, would you?”

The reason convinced Li Yao.

Like a collapsed machine, Li Yao lay down and stretched out his arms, before he moaned in satisfaction.

“We’re off to a great start on the experiments of a soul leaving the body.”

Xiaoming continued, “We’ve collected enough data to set up the ground rule, which is that it consumes great mental power and spiritual energy for the soul to leave the body, and the brains of other people are extremely complicated and full of unexpected situations. Even the souls of the ordinary people or the low-level warriors may be able to hurt the intruders. It’s like some sort of rejection reaction.

“If the target’s brainwave frequency is similar to ours, or they’re the specially-modified products like the sunspots, the rejection reaction will be minimized, but it doesn’t mean that there will be no danger.

“So, we have to be more careful.

“Alright, Dad. Take a good rest. Is there anything else that you need?”


Li Yao’s eyes closed, and he made the first snore, but his left eye suddenly opened weirdly in the color of blood. He smiled and said, “Neltharion is too small for me right now. Can you help me build a new body, preferably with super crystal processors as its head like yours? I can’t stand sharing the body with this opinionated moron. I need to get away from him as far as possible!”


Xiaoming and Wenwen said simultaneously, “It’s you!”

“If you want a new body, maybe you should talk to the Fist King. He’s battle-type and is more suitable than you.”

Xiaoming thought for a moment and said, “Master Fist King is designing a new-generation Great Iron City. He’ll turn a space fortress into his body and can transform into a monolith dozens of times bigger than a Colossus. Are you interested in that?”

“That sounds rather awesome!”

The mental devil’s left eye glittered. “Of course I am! Ask him to build one for me too!”


Wenwen asked, “Even if you can get into a new body, are you sure you can get away from Dad?”

The mental devil’s smile was gone.

“Fine, you’re right. There’s no absolute kindness, just like there’s no absolute evil. Even if I’m ten thousand lightyears away from that idiot, his stubborn, ridiculous, and hilarious kindness will still catch up to me, haunt me, and nag inside my soul nonstop like bloody quantum entanglement.”

The mental devil gnashed its teeth helplessly. “I can’t be separated from him. It was just a joke. How I hate it!”

The mental devil closed its eyes and cursed for a while. Half a minute later, it fell into the deepest sleep too.

Since that day, Li Yao had barely left the Gold Crystal Pyramid. He was completely devoted to the final tests of the Sunspot Plan.

Coincidentally, while he was simply trying to heal Fang Gang 123’s brain injuries, he discovered during his treatment that it was an effective way of training that could help him adapt to the new status where his soul was away from his body.

As Fang Gang 123’s brain was getting better and better, Li Yao’s soul power and his abilities to control his soul were soaring too.

Swing. That was what Li Yao called the technique through which his soul was boosted and launched by the Gold Crystal Pyramid before he traveled the universe along the Spiritual Nexus, the radiations, and the high-energy particles.

On the second day of the test, his soul swung to another continent on the capital planet through dozens of cities in the blink of an eye.

On the third day of the test, his soul ripped apart the atmosphere and swung to the planet adjacent to the capital. He saw with his own eyes how a military base was being constructed heatedly and how the Fist King was creating the second-generation Great Iron City there.

On the fourth day of the test, Li Yao’s soul swung to another Sector in the data streams that were launched in a super remote communication base.

It was hard to imagine the feeling of the soul traveling space without experiencing it in person.

Explaining it with a million words or depicting it with ten thousand pictures wouldn’t be enough to describe one-billionth of its wonder.

When the swing happened, Li Yao felt that he was an insignificant plankton that was floating in the depths of a boundless ocean.

If he were less determined, the boundlessness and the absolute silence would’ve crushed him like billions of tons of water.

Xiaoming and Wenwen, on the other hand, set up the second rule of swing based on Li Yao’s data.

The longer a swing was, the more exhausting it would be, and the more badly the soul’s senses and control would be affected.

When Li Yao’s soul swung to the back of the planet, he could still see the natural magnetic fields and the vitality fields with his own power.

But when he swung to a neighboring planet, he could only see fuzzy light.

When he swung to a neighboring Sector, he was like a plankton that lost 99% of his senses. He had no eyes, no ears, no skin, but only an extremely weak sense of light.

At this moment, he would have to observe the new world by attaching himself to someone else’s brain and sharing their senses.

“The longer a swing is, the weaker you will be to interfere with the target. If you’re to enter the Thick Soil Sector in the frontline through dozens of Sectors, you will be more weakened than ever.”

Xiaoming reached a conclusion. “Basically, you will be like an ‘old grandpa’, and you can only influence the target by nagging and persuading the target.”


Wenwen brought hope to Li Yao. “If the target is really convinced by you, and the frequencies of your brains are coordinated, it’s possible that your power can be transmitted to the target to fortify the target’s senses and body. You can even unleash unbelievable techniques in his body!”

Then, they set up the third rule of swing, which was about target selection.

Basically, after Li Yao’s soul passed through dozens of Sectors and reached the Thick Soil Sector, his abilities of searching and attaching would be too weak for him to figure out the status of all the sunspots. He could only locate the sunspots that were closest to him before he could select the most appropriate ones among them and get in their heads.

“The most critical thing here is the criteria of appropriateness.”

Xiaoming said, “We understand your beliefs, Dad, but after your soul travels through dozens of worlds, you cannot cure another sunspot like you did to Fang Gang 123, as that will be beyond your abilities and too dangerous.

“But thankfully, not all the people of the Covenant Alliance’s brains are as savaged as Fang Gang 123’s brain was. Those soldiers cannot carry out the advanced missions that require logical thinking.”

Wenwen said, “So, if you can find a sunspot that is smarter and of a higher level, it should be easier for you to convince him.

“However, the smartest and most high-class sunspots might reject your treatment and order. Don’t forget that you’re not the real Wuying Qi 3.0, and you’re unwilling to coerce them with simple and straightforward approaches.”

Xiaoming said, “Then, a young elite that is being groomed will probably be the most appropriate target. Those people are the most gullible ones.”

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