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Chapter 543 - Copying My Base Ambush Tactics?!

Chapter 543: Copying My Base Ambush Tactics?!

“Get lost!”

Jiang He sent Dumbo flying with a slap.

Are you telling me what to do, dog?

Baring its teeth, Dumbo returned from four thousand kilometers away.

On the other hand, Lord Skyless soon left with ten Grand Luo.

Their power was enough to overwhelm the Sky Demons’ constellation, even if a Demi-Saint was born following the death of the Sky Demon Emperor.

Then, a while later…


Jiang He’s gaze twitched and a projected image abruptly appeared before him.

“Something happened,” he said quietly. “Moyin and the others self-destructed!”

Four Grand Luo had headed to the Demons’ base, all of which were Demons.

Naturally, their hearts no longer held the concept of race after Jiang He planted them as all their loyalties now belonged to him. Moreover, ever since they infiltrated the Demons’ base, Moyin used a secret technique to link everything he had been experiencing into Jiang He’s consciousness… similar to watching a livestream, from a first-person perspective at that.

As a matter of fact, Moyin did not meet much resistance when he first entered the base.

The Demons’ soldiers recognized Moyin, even saluting him upon seeing him… it was obvious that the small-timers were not aware of the battle at the Grand Luo Battlefield, as well as the death of Myoyin and ninety-nine Grand Luo.

One reason was that both the Gods and Demons had imposed a restriction on information.

Another would be because the battle itself had only occurred recently.

In the end, the universe was exceedingly vast.

Some of the weaker cultivators would never have the chance to leave their own planets or star systems, let alone travel through all the existent worlds… therefore, aside from hegemon races of this universe that possessed massive intelligence networks that allowed them to find out about various cosmic headlines, many other beings that roamed the stars would need centuries or even dozens of thousand years to receive the same news, even if they were Golden Immortals or even Grand Luo.

And yet, while normal foot soldiers were not privy to that information, the leaders of the Demons were.

Once Moyin entered their encampment, information was soon delivered to those leaders, who in turn reported it to their superiors.

Hence, while Moyin was searching through the treasure vault of the encampment, several powerful Demi-Saint auras descended upon him… and without saying a single word, Moyin and the other three Demons promptly self-destructed, reducing several treasure vaults of the Demons to flat ground.

One of the Demons’ Demi-Saints was seething in frustration and bellowed furiously, “Is these sneaky tricks all you can do, Jiang He?! Why don’t you show yourself and we’ll settle this directly?!”

Behind him, many figures were rushing to the scene—soon, the auras of twenty-four Grand Luo had blanketed the world, causing the very galaxy to quake.


A cold laughter resounded.

It was Jiang He.

He had appeared among the stars, several billion miles away from the Demons’ base. His mystic form was towering and magnificent just like a star, and he spoke in disdain, “Are the Demi-Saints of Demons only capable of boasting? What, settle this directly? I’ll definitely cut you down in just fifteen minutes if we fought one on one!”

Outer space seemed to explode almost at the same time Jiang He spoke.

The machine Demi-Saint had disappeared, appearing at the location where Jiang He’s mystic form was projected in the next instant…

But where was Jiang He?

The other Demi-Saints had torn through space and time as well and hurried to the scene.

That machine Demi-Saint frowned at a certain spot of the void then. His cultivation and vision could nature see through the spatial ripples left by any casting of spatial shifting, and he could not help gasping in surprise, “I’ve instantly sealed the dimensions over a billion miles around us, but I didn’t expect him to escape regardless… Wait!”

Before he finished, the machine Demi-Saint realized something with a start. “My Absolute Domain is developed around the finest scientific technology of my race, instantly sealing dimensions in specific locations by over a billion miles. This is no Spatial Dao but the power of science, and even saints would have to shatter my Absolute Domain before they could warp away!”

“But Jiang He somehow could warp directly away regardless?”

Unbeknownst to him…

Jiang He’s warping was not based on Spatial Dao.

It was a minor technique that he had developed himself before grasping Spatial Dao… he just did not expect that the part where his teleportation ‘ignored all obstruction’ that he added in casually had such a miraculous effect.

Some of the other Demi-Saints appeared pensive.

Others were searching everywhere around them.

The burly cosmic behemoth that was a dozen meters tall even after assuming human form strode forward, charging his secret technique. Soon, golden radiance converged upon his head and formed a single horn flashing in golden radiance.


A weird song echoed out of the single horn.

Outer space was vacuum and sound could not have conducted through it.

Bizarrely, however, the single horn emitted a sound that carried a special energy. It ignored the truth that sound cannot move through vacuum and actually stirred sets of sound waves into outer space.

The sound waves extended across all directions, with space and time folding into itself and affected to a certain extent.


The burly giant pointed in one particular direction, growling, “That way!”

“After him!”

The many Demi-Saints all tore through the dimensions again to give chase.

And how grand a sight was twenty-four Demi-Saints moving in synchrony?

Their auras quaked heaven and earth, and space itself crumbles in their wake. The cosmos appeared to stir, and any planet in their way was shattered.


Jiang He, who had already flown several light years away was stunned. “That bunch of pests is catching up… I see, three of those twenty-four Demi-Saints are stronger than I am, and I would not survive a direct confrontation.”

Despite sensing the auras closing in from behind, Jiang He’s first thought was not escape but how to make his counterattack.

However, there was one Demi-Saint Stoner, one Demi-Saint Demon, and one Demi-Saint God after him. Their auras did not pale in comparison to the Nether River Patriarch’s, and while he might win in a one-on-one melee, a group fight would see his defeat.

Nonchalantly laying down a four-in-one array to obstruct them, Jiang He teleported away again.

In no time at all, the twenty-four Demi-Saints caught up and crashed headlong into the array, but they were exceedingly powerful and managed to shatter the array in a matter of seconds.

Then, the cosmic behemoth cast his godly technique again, determining the direction Jiang He escaped and gave chase again…

But in the midst of their pursuit, one of the Demi-Saint Gods felt his face fall.

His race’s base in the celestial battlefield was just ahead.

There had clearly been a battle there, with mangled corpse of God race soldiers and planet fragments strewn everywhere.

Only two of the three Demi-Saint Gods who were sent back to base survived, not to mention that they were maimed and their auras weakened.

“Senior Brother…” One of the Demi-Saints flew toward them in fear and exclaimed in terror, “Jiang He is so scary! He destroyed us in just a few blows and killed Fourth Senior Brother!”

The Patriarch of the Gods had nine disciples, the ninth being the White Sky God King and the eighth being Lord Skyless.

The third and sixth disciple were lost to the endless passage of time as well, and the seventh was killed by Zhao Gongming of the Jie Sect. However, the remaining four—the first, second, fourth, and fifth disciples—had all become Demi-Saints.

“Damn it!”

The other Demi-Saints were left ashen-faced, just as the cosmic behemoth cast his technique again to home in on Jiang He’s position.

They hence cast their various secret techniques in pursuit once more… chasing him all the way to the Demons’ base.

There, they found that the cosmic great wall of the Demons’ base was crumbling, their two encampments flattened and seven living planets blown up, inflicting countless casualties!


A Demi-Saint Demon reared its head in a raging cry. “Jiang He, I won’t rest until you die… Everyone, let’s give him a taste of his own medicine! Come with me!”

He led the charge to a certain constellation.

It was close to the continent of Primeval, and was a base created by the Three Realms. However, even before those Demi-Saints got too close, multiple layers of arrays opened in space, and a great figure materialized.

An image of the Eight Trigrams appeared over his head and a yellow tower floated over his palm, while several banners soared behind him.

Sneering, he said, “Demi-Saint Gods and Demons… you dare intrude upon the Three Realms?”


Several light years away, Jiang He almost laughed out loud as he watched the scene unfold.

That bunch of fools…

They are too hilarious!

Trying to copy my base ambush techniques?

You’ve gone too far, and reached all the way to the fountain!

After all, the Demi-Saints of the Three Realms were no pushover.

Indeed, with the Grand Mage of Xuandu alone, even inferior Saints such as the Lesser Saint of the Western Sect would have to keep their distance the man was equipped with Taishang Laojun’s three treasures.

As such, it was certainly unnecessary to elaborate that there were also other peak-level superior beings among them, including the Immortal Hermit of the South Pole, Cloudy Sky of the Jie Sect, Guang Chengzi, Zhao Gongming, and the Daoist of many treasures.

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