Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1227 - Dealt

Chapter 1227: Dealt

Wizard Harrick’s death quickly spread through the Central Continent, and many professionals knew about it.

There was no way to hide it. Wizard Harrick did not live in a no man’s land, and his legendary light signified the death of a legend.

Although there were two legendary lights in the elves’ Ervo Forest, not many people could see it, especially since the Golden castle had disappeared.

But since a glorious legendary light emerged from the core of the Central Continent, many professionals have gathered to witness this once in a thousand years beauty.

Wizard Jules was also stunned. He had lived for too long, and death was too scary to face. Therefore, he teleported to the Wizard union the moment he heard about Wizard Harrick’s death.

Since Wizard Mike has been dwelling in the union ever since Grandmaster Bennett’s incident happened, Wizard Jules looked for him as soon as he entered.

“Wizard Mike, have you heard about the news?” Wizard Jules asked desperately.

“Yes, I know about Wizard Harrick!” Wizard Mike didn’t look good.

Although Wizard Harrick was a rank below him, he knew it was impossible for him to kill Wizard Harrick by himself. A single rank was not enough for full suppression.

“Let’s demand the Wizard union to capture Bennett. He basically provoked us!” Wizard Jules lowered his voice.

Wizard Mike gave Wizard Jules a threatening gaze. Was he trying to drag him into more trouble?

Although wizard Mike would not admit it, he was truly frightened by Grandmaster Bennett.

Looking at the report from Wizard Harrick’s disciples, it seems like Grandmaster Bennett had turned the golden castle into a superweapon—a weapon with the power to kill legendary wizards.

There were not many legendary wizards around, and the death of each was intolerable.

“Wizard Jules, everyone in the union knows about you and Wizard Harrick’s grudge with Grandmaster Bennett, I wonder who will be willing to help you!” WIzard Mike gave out a cold laugh.

“Wizard Mike, you are also involved in this. Aren’t you afraid that Bennett will come after you?” Wizard Jules yelled.

“Wizard Jules, I’m just responsible for the investigation. I did not attack the Golden castle! I am not the source of all this drama!” Wizard Mike was drenched in regret by that point. He just wanted to take some anger out on Bennett and get some benefits from those wizards in the process, but looking at how things have progressed, could he still return?

“You can’t be certain about Bennett!” Wizard Jules dragged on.

He had decided he would spread rumors that Wizard Mike was on his side even if Wizard Mike rejected him. This way, Wizard Mike had no choice but to comply.

“Wizard Jules, if you really want to go against Bennett, we can set up a trap at your place and wait for Bennett to strike!” Wizard Mike suggested. After all, he still wanted to get rid of this source of anxiety.

“Are you sure Bennett will fall for it?” Wizard Jules hesitated.

“As long as you stay in your place, I believe he will!” Wizard Mike added.

“No way!” Wizard Jules shook his head.

What a joke. If Wizard Harrick couldn’t handle the golden castle’s attack, there was no way he could.

“Just think about it, maybe we can come up with a plan!” Wizard Mike interrupted.

“Then I’ll live here for now before I make a decision!” Wizard Jules lowered his voice.

He no longer wanted to go home. He had lost his confidence after hearing Wizard Mike’s suggestion. Grandmaster Bennett could strike any time.

Meanwhile, Wizard Clemens had an awkward look on his face as he sat in another office of the wizard union. He was not expecting the information he leaked out to cause something like this.

Killing a legendary would normally create a huge uproar in the Wizard Union, but in the case of grandmaster Bennett, it was a little different.

Instead of striking back, every legendary wizard waited for Wizard Jules to make a move himself since he was the source of this drama.

After all, most of them still wanted to repair their relationship with grandmaster Bennett so they could get their potions back again.

Even if Wizard Jules was killed as well, it would be well deserved for allying with the Holy Kingdom.

The legendary wizards knew very well. Grandmaster Bennett could not possibly lie.

According to their report, the names of those legendary wizards were kept secret, and there was no way Grandmaster Bennett could know about them, especially since he did not have any connection at that level in the past.

On top of that, Grandmaster Bennett had attacked Wizard Harrick in the most direct way. He wouldn’t do something like this if the grudge wasn’t real.

Every logical person would come to this conclusion, and so did most wizards in the wizard union.

Therefore, the legendary wizards would not do anything before Wizard Jules made a move. As for the law-defying wizards, they had no right.

Wizard Clemens was stunned as he looked through another report from the screen on his table.

Wizard Jules had decided to live in the Wizard Union.

What a chicken; this is not the vigor a legendary wizard should have.

At the same time, he saw that the so-called most powerful legendary wizard in the union, Wizard Miles, was heading to the old house of Wizard Jules. Maybe he was trying to wait for Grandmaster Bennett there.

Wizard Clemens gently tapped on his table. He didn’t believe Grandmaster Bennett could win against Wizard Miles, so he wondered how he could help.

Wizard Miles was a rank 30 legendary lightning wizard. He was not far from being half a god. He could basically wipe out the entire Central continent.

Although he knew about Grandmaster Bennett’s connection with the Lightning clan, he still didn’t want him to be captured.

“Command, spread that Wizard Jules is living in the wizard union headquarter, but make sure that no one finds out we are behind this!” He connected to his secret workers and said.

Wizard Clemens didn’t believe Grandmaster Bennett would take his fury out on the wizard union headquarters.

He knew very well what kind of place the headquarters was. Everywhere was filled with tight security, and there were a few powerful legendary wizards living below, even including a half-god wizard.

The wizard union headquarters had never been invaded ever since its creation.

What Wizard Clemens wanted to do was to stop Abel from going to Wizard Jules’ original house.

But little did he know, Abel has been dwelling on the Fire Tooth battle fort and continued with his Dark World exploration every night ever since he killed Wizard Harrick, so there was no way for him to get any news.

If his battle forts didn’t need some time to recover, he might have made a move already.

He did some planning on the second day, and on the third, he finally arrived above WIzard Jules’ original house.

This time, he did not use his power of the will to scan since he learned his lesson last time.

“Commander spirit, scan if there are any legendary wizards below!” He handed the task to his ancient spirit. With its range, his location would be safe even if it was spotted.

At that moment, they were 9 miles above the ground. A wizard’s power of the will could not reach that far, no matter how powerful they were.

“Yes headmaster!” The commander spirit replied, and a strange energy wave reached out.

Since Abel had killed wizard Harrick, it was possible that there were more legendary wizards around.

After 10 seconds, the commander spirit retracted its strange energy.

“Headmaster, there is a rank 30 wizard below!” It replied.

A rank 30 wizard? Abel felt his heart drop. That was the most powerful rank he ever heard.

At the same time, he saw a human figure floating up with lightning sifting around him.

It was Wizard Miles. Although he had suppressed his energy, the elements around him still had a close bond to his body. Abel knew there was no way of suppressing him unless he was half a god. It was a truly powerful figure, especially since they were not far from the wizard union headquarters.

“Fire Tooth, retreat at full speed!”

But at the same time, he was certain of one thing. It was not only Wizard Jules he needed to go against now.

Although he was planning to give up his elf Bennett’s identity, there was still some with his human identity. Once the wizard union found out, he might never be able to live a peaceful life again.

Most importantly, he didn’t want the Holy Continent, his kingdom, his friends, and his family to get involved.

Therefore, retreating was his only option.

At that moment, Wizard Miles sensed the change in current through the lightning around him.

It was an unusual change, so he immediately thought about Bennett.

But still, the change was too faint, and he was too far to locate its source. Soon, the changes stopped before he could make a move.

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